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February 2019: Wines, Pilaf, Risotto, Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Hola y Aloha from California,

Bay Area Editions of Hola Aloha Supper Club in February were a hit, both of them! Big MAHALOS are due to Brenden Blaine Darby and Elsa Pong & Matthew Esch for opening their homes in SF and Berkeley, respectively. Thank you!!

Fun fact: Brenden’s place, Casa Noble, is a fantastic venue to rent for all kinds of events -AND- he’s launching a monthly family dinner experience beginning February 21. If you’re on the mainland (and in the Bay) get in on that. Dinner and venue info can be found below.

Recipes for select dishes served this past weekend in SF and Berkeley, as well as the wine list from Berkeley Edition 2.0, can also be found below.

Bummer News & GREAT News

Bummer news: Valentine’s Edition of Hola Aloha Supper Club in Los Angeles was rained out. It’s been rescheduled for May.

Great news: that means Hola Aloha Supper Club is returning to the mainland in May! Dates will be confirmed in March.



Leilani Estates - Saturday, February 23 - SOLD OUT

low n slow pig with roasted local roots

steamed green vegetables

organic fried rice pilaf

bone broth

teas and infused water

hard lemonade


Leilani Estates, Multiple Dates TBA for March-April


Maui onion & coconut cream soup

turn-turn chicken (huli huli) with cosmic paniolo bbq sauce

baked ulu with bacon, butter, sour cream and herbs

grilled romaine and elote salad

vegan gelato sunday


Featuring hens from Paradise Pastures specially raised for Hola Aloha Supper Club! Ulu from Leilani Estates and Hawaiian Paradise Park. Romaine from Localvore. It's gonna be great! #local #bigislandfirst

Join one of four intimate seatings, each limited to 12 guests, to feast and talk story.