January 2019: Recipes, Upcoming Suppers, Ingredients Wanted

¡Feliz Año Nuevo! Hauʻoli Makahiki Hou!

The Winter Solstice Edition of Hola Aloha Supper Club, held on December 21, was a huge success. Five amazing courses, including SEVEN passed pupus, came together beautifully thanks to an incredible production team (contact info provided below) and ingredients sourced from local farmers and grocers.

A very special MAHALO is also due to each and every guest who joined us that evening and to *all* who helped make it happen!

As promised, a selection of recipes can be found below.

Also below is a partial list of farmers and merchants to connect with for sourcing local (Big Island) produce, meats, and more. Want to get on this list? Hawai’i, CA, OR, and WA small farmers are welcome. Contact us at (808) 464-2217 or send a message to supper@holaaloha.club


Hola Aloha Supper Club is looking for these particular ingredients: young bamboo shoot, cassava flour, ulu flour, butterfish, chicken stock, vegetable stock, bush beans (or other legumes for making tempeh)


Leilani Estates - Saturday, February 23 - ON SALE NOW


San Francisco, CA - Friday, February 8 - ON SALE SATURDAY 1/12

Berkeley, CA - Saturday, February 9 - ONLY THREE PAIRS LEFT, GET YOURS NOW!

Los Angeles, CA - Thursday, February 14 - SOLD OUT!

Burbank, CA - Saturday, February 16 - ON SALE TUESDAY 1/16

Visit www.holaaloha.club/reservations to purchase seats.



You may find the following recipes to be imprecise, which is deliberate. Hola Aloha Supper Club encourages you to explore, test, and find what works best in your kitchen. Have questions about a recipe? Just ask! Post on www.facebook.com/holaalohasupperclub or send a message to supper@holaaloha.club

Hot & Sour Soup

Braise pork pieces low and slow overnight. Figure 2 oz of pork per 6 fluid ounces of braising liquid of your choice and add as desired: onion, garlic, jalapeños. Come morning, degrease the stock.

In another pot, reconstitute dried woodear mushrooms (Chinese black mushrooms) in vegetable or chicken broth, using just enough broth to cover the fungi. Combine the two pots and set aside until moments before service.

Place greens and fruit in serving bowls. On Dec 21 we used sweet potato vine, rambuttan, and kiwi. Mustard greens would be great for this soup! Season the broth with fish sauce, lime, lilikoi, freshly cracked pepper, and Hawaiian alaea salt. Bring to a rapid boil and pour into serving bowls. Serve immediately.


Step one: make Colorado Sauce / Red Sauce / Mole Rojo (follow us on Facebook and you’ll see this recipe posted soon, in the meantime you can use store-bought red enchilada sauce)

Step two: get a pressure cooker

Step three: rub goat or lamb or any meat (or jackfruit) generously with salt and pepper and let sit for half an hour, up to two hours

Step four: paint the meat or jackfruit with Colorado and pressure cook, with adequate liquid of choice, for an hour (jackfruit for 20 minutes).

Step five: if your meat or jackfruit is falling apart effortlessly, it’s done. If not, pressure cook for another 15-30 minutes.

Step six: enjoy

Spiced Pepitas & Matruk Leaves

Matruk leaves are also known as Kaffir leaves. Turns out, “kaffir” is a wildly offensive term for black people. It’s on par with the N word. Moving on…

Toss raw pepitas (shelled pumpkin seeds) and matruk leaves in paprika, cayenne, mango powder (if have), garlic powder, onion powder, and unrefined coconut oil. Keep overnight. Next day: toast in the oven at 375°F until done. Yes, “until done” is an annoying thing to read in a recipe but it’s true. Keep an eye on your leaves and seeds… until done. Your leaves will be crispy, heavenly. Pay close attention because these burn easily.



Double-D Ranch for cattle, goats, sheep, and hogs


Kamuela Farmer's Market, Sat, 7AM - 1PM

Maku'u Farmer's Market, Sun 8AM - 2PM

Waimea Mid Week Market, Wed 9AM - 2 PM

Kea’au Farmer’s Market (behind Spoonfull Cafe, Tues - Sat, 7AM - 5PM)

Tara, (808) 938-9569 produce and flowers

Eddy, (808) 854-5402 produce

All the vendors at KFM are friendly and offer a huge variety of produce.


Jared “Dusk” Paul (Kitchen Lead on Dec 21) - Private Chef and Caterer. Former Kitchen Lead & Ass’t Kitchen Manager at Kalani Honua. Fun fact: Jared is also a seasoned Fund Development expert *and* an aspiring freelance writer. Mobile: (808) 464-2217 jaredelijahpaul@gmail.com

Ric Miller (Kitchen Crew on Dec 21) - Private Chef, Caterer, and trained Sushi Chef with 30 years of experience including two decades of organic, farm-to-table culinary magic. Has worked at/with/for Cowgirl Creamery (Chez Panisse), Manka’s, Mama Royal, Reba Mcentire, Grateful Dead, Michael Pollan, and others. Mobile: (415) 419-7473 Email: Ricole@yahoo.com

Allison Gardner (Server on Dec 21) - Food, health, and wellness extraordinaire. Small Business Management Consultant and Support Services. Former Kitchen-Retail Team Lead at Kalani Honua. Mobile: (443) 745-5883 Email: apg.design@yahoo.com

Mouse Durgin (Lead Server on Dec 21), Brandon (Server on Dec 21), and Jan (3rd Hand / Dishwasher on Dec 21) can all be contacted via supper@holaaloha.club


Hola Aloha Supper Club is building a roster of talented *and* aspiring servers, kitchen crew, bakers, musicians, food photographers, and more. Would you like to collaborate with us? Fill out this Google survey to introduce yourself.


Would you like to host an edition of Hola Aloha Supper Club?? No matter where you are, we’re interested! Contact us at (808) 464-2217 or send a message to supper@holaaloha.club


Thank you for reading! If can, please leave us a review on Google or Fb.

A Hui Hou,

Hola Aloha Supper Club