why these suppers

Know someone looking for work? Are you looking for work? The whole point of Hola Aloha Supper Club is to lift East Hawai'i, Puna in particular, following our volcanic summer. Click here or share this link to help H.A.S.C. realize this mission.

Make your way mauka (inland) on Ainoloa Boulevard, off Highway 130 near Maku'u Market, up to the very top where the road ends. Turn right and head down a muddy, rocky, unpaved road. The driveway to my new hale is through a clearing on the right.

In lieu of rent, the landlord has asked me to install a metal roof and procure all of the materials for it. There’s already plywood up, and a tarp, so it won't rain on my head before I complete the project. This is a square deal and, in Puna, not far from a typical living arrangement. My new place is in the jungle, just like my last one. This one is far removed from town, too.

I bet I’ll find next-level peace and happiness here. Also, I'm eager to host visitors again, namely you. We'll read books. We'll hike. We’ll play board games, charades, strip poker... or just regular poker. Or Uno. I love Uno.

You can help me garden in the morning. I'll fix us something fresh for supper and we’ll dine merrily by the glow of a kerosene lamp. It'll be like a Robinson Crusoe adventure but gayer and less racist. But first I gotta install that roof. This will be, without any doubt, the most butch achievement of my life. Building a bathroom will be pretty impressive and masculine, too.

There's no bathroom, yet. There is a flush toilet at an outhouse that I share with a neighbor, so not everything about this situation is primitive. However, this new hale also doesn't have a kitchen, which will be problematic when hosting monthly hola aloha supper clubs. Hence: why these suppers in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

With the money I can earn at these mainland-edition supper clubs, I will be able to host suppers in volcano-shaken Puna (read: create jobs for friends and neighbors, and business for local farmers, merchants, and artisans). With this new kitchen I can make my rent (read: I can install a roof on a hut in the jungle and then live there).

And that means I can start over again, post-eruption.

Make your reservation today. Mahalo!