that's not thunder

Everything is OK. It's just the sound of the goddamn Earth cracking open. And it seems to never stop.

I've started wearing the particle mask. I admit it makes a huge difference.

During my shift today I worked alone and I listened to 4 of my favorite albums of all time:

Basement Jaxx - Rooty

White Stripes - De Stijl

White Stripes - Icky Thump

Beck - Midnight Vultures


Earlier this morning I went to meet a friend who lived in Leilani Estates. He's staying in Orchidland now.

The most direct road to get there closed at the precise moment I tried to turn onto it. A soldier was literally placing the last cone down at the intersection when I rolled up. There are other, longer routes. I was like: fuuuuuck I'm gonna be late picking up my friend.

And then I was like: fuuuuuuck I might not get back in time if we evacuate. But I told my pal I'd be there; meanwhile back home, 18 other people could help manage campus if Civil Defence issued an evac order while I was gone. So, I took Old Government Road to meet Roy and keep my word. The road is mostly gravel and stunningly beautiful. Like OMG beautiful.

Roy and I both enjoy sour candies and we both steal the blankets from airplanes when we fly. His insurance company told him they aren't sure what is covered exactly and to just save his receipts on motels and tent purchases, etc.

It's infuriating.


My boss is a fucking trooper. So are the other people on our leadership team. Meanwhile I'm worried about my stress-eating and stress-drinking and the impact that's having on my waistline.

I hear birds, coqi, and cicadas so I feel like the air is safe enough. I'm taking the mask off.

How am I going to find the money we need to reopen campus? Fuuuuuck this is going to be hard. It will all shake out fine. Probably.

I've literally considered using a boat via Kehena Beach to get to/from here if the roads get taken by lava. It is a terrible idea.

If I was a normal person who processes/experiences emotions *normally* I might have a good cry. But all I want to do is watch TV and eat Bagel Bites, the pepperoni pizza ones.